Join Laurie Berkner and friends for a fun day out at the zoo, beach, park and more!

Sing It, Laurie! is based on the all new hit TV Show featuring Laurie Berkner and her wonderful music. Your kids will love spending time in the company of Laurie and her new friends - Hugo, Jam, Nellie, Mellie, Alexander and Alice!


  • Designed specifically for pre-school kids.
  • Beautiful music recorded by Laurie Berkner in NYC, specially for the game.
  • Rich interactive environment, tap on anything to see what happens!
  • 4 colourful zones - The Park, Zoo, Beach and Laurie’s musical house!
  • 4 fun mini-games: Make an Ice-cream, Build Sandcastles & Feed the Animals.
  • 6 video clips to watch, from the Sing It, Laurie! TV show.
  • A selection of instruments to play including guitar, drum kit and xylophone.
  • Dress up Laurie and Hugo!
  • Parental control of game difficulty.
  • Child and family friendly!

Sing It, Laurie!

A magical, musical adventure with Laurie and her friends!

Sing it, Laurie! is the new mobile app for children between the ages of two and six. It is available on the iPhone and iPad.

It is the official mobile app for the new television show Sing it, Laurie!, created by Josh Selig and Laurie Berkner, which debuted on the Sprout TV channel on March 25th, 2013.

By using finger-tapping controls, the Sing it, Laurie! app provides a totally interactive and engaging experience. It’s packed full of exciting immersive environments and contains three adventures, a number of different levels, and various fun mini-games, all of which are based on the TV show. The app will help children to develop their sensory, cognitive and motor skills. As they play they are rewarded with prizes to drop into their own ‘house’ - a personal area just for them, which they can share with their parents.

The Sing it, Laurie! app was designed for the whole family to enjoy, so that children can be entertained whilst developing their core skills with music, videos and games.

Tsumanga Studios is dedicated to creating narrative-driven interactive mobile environments, which provide a truly safe and entertaining space for children to learn, play and above all else enjoy!

Meet the Characters!


This is Laurie. Laurie is a little girl who loves to sing and play her guitar. She lives with her dad, her dog Jam and likes to sing about the world around her. She also likes going on flying adventures with Jam in her Wingdinger flowercopter and spending time with her friends playing dress up. She also likes going to the beach, picnics and having lots of fun!


Everyone say ‘Hi’ to Hugo! Hugo is Laurie’s friend and he is the paddle ball king. His favourite thing to do is to paddle with his paddle ball. He would play it all day long if he could. He also likes lemonade and spending lots of time playing games with Laurie and the twins, Mellie and Nellie.


Today we meet Jam! Jam is Laurie’s pet dog and best friend. Wherever Laurie is, Jam will be by her side. Jam loves going for rides with Laurie in her Wingdinger flowercopter. He also likes to play dress up, go swimming and sing along with Laurie and her friends.

Nellie & Mellie

Nellie and Mellie
Say a big hello to Mellie and Nellie! Mellie and Nellie are twins and love doing things together. They like to sing, play dress up and paint. They also love spending lots of time with their friends Laurie and Jam.

Laurie's Dad

Laurie's Dad
Meet Laurie’s dad. Laurie thinks he is the best dad in the world and loves to write songs for him. Laurie’s dad likes to rock out on the drums and look after Laurie and Jam . He is always there to help Laurie with whatever she needs and she loves him very much.


Introducing baby Alexander. Alexander is still very little and likes to spend his time playing with Old Alice. He likes to sing along with Laurie and to be read stories by Old Alice. So everyone say ‘H’' to Alexander.


This is Old Alice. She looks after baby Alexander and likes reading him stories and going to the park. She also enjoys painting pretty pictures for Laurie and Alexander.